Growing Sweet Potatoes for Year Around Yields

Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea Batatas) are one of the highest yielding crops in our permaculture farm.  We rotate the sweet potatoes around different planting areas so that we are able to harvest every month.

Sweet PotatoesSweet potatoes are native to tropical areas around the world, they love warm climate and do not mind a lot of rain for as long the soil drains well.

In our farm we have our sweet potatoes growing in two different areas at the moment.  One box is made out of concrete and the other box is made out of wood, the slips in the boxes are 2 months apart in age which assures us that we will harvest weeks apart from each planting area.  The rotation continues after our next harvest and we introduce the new slips with roots to another planting area.

Sweet potatoes are very easy to grow, here are a few quick steps to get started from a sweet potato:

  1. Find an organic source of sweet potatoes
  2. Place one sweet potato on the rim of a glass jar letting half the sweet potato rest in water
  3. Slips will begin to a few days later, roots will follow & within couple of weeks you should have a slip with roots
  4. The slips with roots can be planted in the ground right away, or you may opt to place them in another glass jar with water for a few more days so that the roots develop further.

Newly Planted Sweet Potato SlipsOnce your sweet potatoes are on the ground and growing, you can expand your sweet potato empire by following these steps:

  1. Cut the tip end of the sweet potato plant (about 10 inches or so).
  2. Remove the leaves from the bottom 2/3 of the slip
  3. Place the slip inside a glass jar of water
  4. Roots will begin to grow within a few days
  5. In 2 weeks you should have enough roots to plant the slip in the ground 

Harvesting sweet potatoes is very easy, a pitch fork, a plastic crate and a hose is all you need.  Use the pitch fork to dig out the sweet potatoes, place the sweet potatoes in a plastic crate and use the hose to wash them off.  They will look fantastic & you wont be dragging soil into your home.

At Rossi Naturals we sell our own sweet potato slips and they are grown right in our farm.  We collect the slips and follow the instructions mentioned above, we then process the orders and ship them all across the USA. 

Below is a video on How to Grow Sweet Potatoes recorded for our friends to follow and apply in their gardening quest.  Leave us a message if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

To be the first to know of our latest videos be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to watch them all as they come out. Thank you for reading and we appreciate you sharing this with friends. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section or on our fan page at Rossi Naturals.  

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