Rossi Naturals is an organic off-grid urban farm official non-profit entity in Puerto Rico working to bring fresh produce to local restaurants, systems improvement to local growers & grow food seminars to local citizens.

As a non-profit we are able to accept donations to help forward our projects, we will soon be posting all our documents for anyone considering donating to our organization.  Contact us with questions on this.


Here is how we impact the local community.

Systems & Process Improvements for Local Growers

Local farmers are the hard working bees of our community, they grow & sell their produce to local restaurants, at local farmer markets & they consume their own food in most cases.  Our goal is to help them be more efficient with their grow cycles by raising money to help them build infrastructures such as compost bins, greenhouse, produce washing stations & more. 

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Food Gardens at Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are a gathering place for many folks & they serve many our of local citizens the food they are looking for.  So in order to bring fresh food to our citizens, we launched a project of building food gardens on the back of local restaurants so that their customers can be fed local freshly harvested produce & so that the restaurant can get a nice savings on produce cost. 

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Grow Food Seminars for the People at the Farmers Market

Most everyone that wants to grow their own food should have the ability to do so, but with a little help their efforts will go a long way.  That's why we are building to deploy our weekly 1 hr grow food seminar which will be given to local citizens at the local farmer markets we participate in.

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Scheduled Tours of Rossi Naturals

Tours is a great way to showcase what we do, how we do it & why we do it.  Sometimes people need a bit more information to find the clarity they need before starting their own food garden.  A bit of inspiration goes a long way & we find that folks who visit our urban farm leave satisfied with what we have done & ready to tackle their own project at their own time.

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