Known at every small town thru ages as the weekly event to bring the community together to an environment of friendly folks, music, food, produce and laughter.

Feria Agricola & Artesanal de LuquilloFarmers Markets are a key part of every community as it helps bring together all the different skill sets that a town has to offer.  They help launch new businesses and helps the community rely on local products that are brought to market by their own neighbors.

Currently our Urban Farm participates at the Feria Agricola & Artesanal de Luquillo 3 saturdays per month, we believe very much in the concept of a farmers market and we see it as the perfect platform to deliver seminars on growing food to our citizens.

Assuring that a farmers market survives and thrives is vital to the community, without it many small businesses may not get the opportunity to try their luck with the public.  The low cost of entry at the farmers market makes it the perfect low risk path to bringing to market products and produce.  We support all farmers markets and we advocate consistently on helping them continue to grow.

Here are a few blog posts we wrote on Farmers Markets, enjoy:

For those living near or around Luquillo, here is a link to the dates for all farmers markets happening every month in this area.

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