Local growers or local farmers for the most part are micro growers doing their job in a plot of land that is less than 2 acres.  The vast majority of them are actually growing food as an urban homestead in 1 acre or a fraction of an acre, that is completely fine as they have figured out how to grow excess food in order to bring to the farmers market.  We applauded their efforts and dedication to keeping the farmers market growing, but do they need help in any way?

Local GrowersOur non-profit organization is working to identify the key areas where local growers suffer the most, we are focused on matching the right infrastructure needs of the local growers with donors whom are looking to help improve the daily lives of these local growers.

What are the needs of most local growers?

  • Greenhouse to improve germination
  • Washing tub for processing greens
  • Spin drying machine for greens
  • Air drying racks for greens
  • Irrigation system
  • Solar system
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Sun shading tunnels
  • Rain protection tunnels
  • Secondary product development guidance
  • Digital marketing guidance
  • Legal guidance
  • Operational improvements

Are you interested on helping us affect and improve the way local growers operate?  Click here to send us a message as we'd love to talk to you.