How can you help local restaurants withstand the lack of produce in the island after a major disaster strikes such as a hurricane.  This is something our non-profit organization is working to solve by helping restaurants become self sustainable with a portion of the produce they need.  

We believe that people who like to eat fresh and healthy food go to places they can find them such as restaurants with such reputation.  We wanted to take this one step further and have those same restaurants become the catalyst that encourages folks to grow their own food by means of the installed veggie gardens at the back of their establishments.

Here are the projects we are working on with local restaurants:

Degree 18 Juice Bar

Degree 18 Juice BarLocation: 16 Calle Principal - Palmer, Puerto Rico 00721

Building a veggie garden behind their establishment was the perfect solution to help immerse them in to the grow food movement. 

Working side by side with Degree 18's staff we turned an area filled with rocks and un-edible plants into a grow area for the produce they need.  Along with the grow areas a greenhouse was built to help provide the garden with a succession planting system that will keep them expanding.

The garden not only does it serve a way to move the restaurant towards self sustainability, but it also serves as a tourist attraction.  Folks from all over the world visit Puerto Rico and El Yunque Rain Forest, many of them stop at Degree 18 and the veggie garden can serve as a way to show them how food is grown in Puerto Rico further enhancing their experience in the island.

Beyond the mentioned points, we still have the farm to table concept which is redefined in this project.  Produce can now be walked to the kitchen and on to the table of the customers, these fresh veggies will travel no more than 30 yards from the moment they are harvested.  This is freshness redefined.

Here are a few blog posts related to this project:

Ekelekua Brunch.Bar.Tapas

Ekelekua Brunch.Bar.TapaasLocation: Carr 3 Bo Jimenez - Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 00745

A new project in the horizon, building a veggie garden at Ekelekua Brunch.Bar.Tapas Restaurant which will allow them to add hard to find ingredients in to their menu and withstand shortage of certain produce in the island.

Restaurants differentiate themselves thru customer service and the flavors their food offers to their customers.  Having the key ingredients consistently is a difficult task when some produce experience shortages due to bad weather or lack of transport to the island.  Well here is an opportunity to bring some of those ingredients off the shopping list and in to the harvest list by growing them at Ekelekua's own back yard.

The impact of such garden will be felt immediately by means of teaching their staff how to grow food.  The staff may go on to practice this newly learned skilled at home and the grow food movement just found new wheels to keep moving.

Not to be disregarded are all the other benefits a veggie garden will bring to Ekelekua such as providing them with a tourist attraction of profound meaningfulness, adopting the farm to table concept and to provide their customers with the freshness they are sure to appreciate.

Details about the project:

  • Project is set to start in mid to late February